Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sacrifice?..grow up!!!

A friend of mine told me tat to achieve success it is neccessary to sacrifice something very dear to us.... In other words u cant have your cake and eat it too.
Why is this? Are we incapable of handling two of our desirable occupations with equal ease. Or is it written in the grand scheme of things that " Ye Man arnt meant to have but one thing u desire!"
Certainly not.... So what cld be the reason the all seeing eye shall not permit us in indulging as we desire...the whole point of sacrifice is worthless... sacrifice is an excuse for not been able to rise to the occasion or deal out enuf maintanance,hence losin out on the cheque....
let us simplify it though...why should it be termed a sacrifice if u r indeed giving it up for a more favourable or desirable objective, and thus ennobling it....wat u did was a calculated elimination of the leaner diet. So, basically it is a question of cushioning the conscience and sugarcoating your inability to pump out the goods at a consistent rate to two destinations....
So...there is no sacrifice, only an elimination of a target that is not feasible when compared to the primary target!!!


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