Saturday, February 18, 2006

b bhusan ver 1.0 myopic

humanity is so bound by culture, that it cannot see beyond what they are expected to or for that matter what they want seems they put so much into being the prototype socially acceptable being that they loose out upon their induviduality.they give it up -without so much as a second thought- so they may claim acceptance of those they neither care of or are cared now we have society feeding off our induviduality so that you and i may be put in catogeries, sent off for insignificant matters and claimed to be, "oh! so like-one-another."having forsaken ourselves, our characters to serve a 'greater good of society', we go ahead with the idea that the same should, no, must be promoted and strictly adheared run amock. so now we find people belonging to catogeries and classes of wealth judging you for you mere existance, for your insanities and you lack of willingness -and infact- endless exictment to serve the cruel world.
the worst of expressions that one may apply to another are not of hate, anger or wrath.the ugliest most horrid of emotions that scar another's being, is embaressment, pity and vain sympathy.the go beyond normal suffering, they imply upon the person's lack of understanding, their fake-sympathies and their ill behaviour.don't they see? don't they recognize the beastly behaviour they choose to exdhibit to their betters.a thing, one of the things, that seers dread is their lack of understanding of the brutes, their inability to conjure reason and logic for their actions.dreadful things they are. dreadful things they do. and so much for understanding it.
this probably fits this situation best: "sanity, leave me,leave me, leave me now."


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