Thursday, March 09, 2006

feel like crp...find me, me glass...nah the bottle...

i'm sorry.i appologize for being such a failure.i appologize for having such low expectations from my life.

its bad being in the dark.i think and think and i'm stupid and dumb.and along comes some one thing i know and i think i'm atleast reasonably intelligent.but i'm dumb and i'm stupid.and i'm stupid and i'm dumb.

i'm sorry i'm incapable of so much as getting into an, so very incapable of even making into a minor club in a small place with no civilization.i'm so sorry i couldn't even be bothered enough to care about things that don't really very sorry i couldn't associate with the normal people who cared about things that didn't really matter.

i appologize for my uncaring attitude towards everthing everywhere.i appologize for not taking baths often enough to deserve their indiscrimination.i appologize for not washing my clothes frequently enough to appear normal and deserving their lack of care.

i'm sorry i am under-acheiving bastard.i think i'm sorry i couldn't even convince a few insignificant people of my wothiness.i'm even sorrier knowing now that i myself don't believe in my worthiness.


Blogger Viv said...

dude ..i m catchin u fast.....

chk out!!!!>>>>

6:43 PM  
Blogger Tarun R said...

No one can beat a man up and destroy his confidence like himself. Kudos.

4:20 PM  
Blogger vicky said...

thanks tarun....
I am sorry I had quit on blogging.
Guess will hit back with vengeance. And life does not run short of experiences to write about which is certainly one of the saving graces of my otherwise miserable life.

11:02 PM  

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