Sunday, September 09, 2007

requiem for a dream

Its been a long while since I posted and for good reason. I had/have been experimenting with the more classical pen and paper. While I have grown to appreciate the undeniable pleasure of listening to your pen scratch across the page, I cannot help but revert back to this because of several reasons. Whom am I kidding? Its just one and its my handwriting as every teacher who has had the misfortune of reading through the rubbish I have written over the years will testify.

On a more serious note, I would like to dedicate a post entirely to the most influential song in my life to date. All those of hours of melancholy, depression, desperation, frustration and utter disgust have found me with but two companions. One, the eerie glow that only candles can bring to a room and two, this song. It has been the background score to so many revelations and introspective sessions.In fact it is playing as I type this out. So I dedicate this second wind of blogging to This song.


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