Saturday, February 18, 2006

b bhusan ver 1.1 condemned for life

why did we let our prophets go to waste?
there are too many to identify, and dutifully acknowledge, aren't there?too many to find, yet, ironically enough, not many enough.
a good friend of mine, is gravely suffering now.he is not so much a plain friend, as he is a denied confidant.
i have known in my meager but far-too-long-lived-life, a simple yet small fraction of humanity: that were capable of independence from it.
i whole heartedly wish that i was orthogonal to time and space.if only you knew what that meant.if only you knew what that felt like.
i am not gifted enough with words to express it well enough.nor, might i add, are you gifted enough to compherend my unremarkable explaination of the same.
as pink floyd so beautifully put it:i can't explain, you would not understand (this is not how i am).
as i stated before, life has become unremarkable to has little to offer me still.
my delusions of superiority are fading.they lost all their base reasoning in one grand strike from a pair, of conjured gods.i shall not explain. you will not understand.
i wish that you knew what independence truly signifies.i wish that you could free your inhibited will.that would lead to: free will.
i wish that death would be done with, i do not wish to die.i care not for suicide.
i just plainly wish to be put out of my is unfortunate that it has come to be synonymous with death.but things are as the are.and i exercise little, if no bearing at all, on them.
i seem to want to express, to you, the wonderful numbers i have and seventeen. they are divine.i, i'm afraid, am anything but.
the forbiddances of simple connectivity.the sacrifices we unknowingly make; so as to be accepted as part of human society.
we are born without our rights as living beings.we are compensated, so to speak, for those sacrifices; by humanly invented is much along the lines of having your parents murdered and being offered cello-tape for your worthy compensation for it.
lately, i had taken to watching cartoons all seemed the appropriate thing to this world full of inexaustable suffering and pain, what better haven is there, than the innocence so intended for the only innocent that remain.
superstars and cannon balls are running through your head,television freak shows; cops and robbers everywhere,animals and children tell the truth; they never lie,which one is more human; there's a thought now you decide.
it's a's savage garden.i wish their name didn't so rightly represent the state of the world.but it does.and i appologise for it.
as i was saying of my friend.he is suffering, in pain as he is.and i, in all my glorious power, am utterly incapaple of helping him.
and i want state to him, simple undo the effects of lonliness.
i should know.i grew up on lonloness.not in lonliness, mind you.but quite simply, on it.
i wish kurt vonneagut could be god.if only for a day, if only for an instant.i embody the characters in his stories, as i embody all characters in all stories i read.and i find my self happier in most of them, even the scary ones.
i have long since out grown my family.those that remain, are mere shadows of the shadows they were before.i wish that wilbur daffodil-2 swain would christen me a daffodil-17.i suspect that i will be happier, if not perpetually extatic.
i have meager expectations of life.or whatever is left of it.
i think, the remainder of my life; i'd like to spend in the uninhibited ambiance,of someone i need not tolerate.i'd like to spend it, watching cartoons and movies, eating french fries and chips.and ice cream, if i may be so bold.
i tire of the devious games i play, of the continual psycho-analysis i find myself doing.i want not to bother with them any more.i want to be imbuned with ignorance and innocence.i want to be left alone.please don't leave me alone.
this friend i spoke of is evil, and i mean that in no uncertain terms.and so, i'm afraid, am i.and so, i'm afraid, is everyone i's not uncommon. intelligence breeds evil.and i am far too intelligent for my own good.
i, as half of one united genius, came up with the wondorous classification of the people i is simple in it's definition and inherently beautiful.and it is this. people i like are either: brilliant or intellectual.
the concept, i shall make a conscious effort to explain.there are those that are ignorantly geniuses.and i have seen that these very ones, are innocently geniuses.this language, i'm afraid, makes that distinction.these are the brilliant. the ignorant-innocent-geniuses.
the genius so defined, need not be a knack for solving cyclostationary differentio-integral-quadratic equations.the genius so defined, need not be an uncanny flair for conceptual programming.i for one can at will, conjure both.and i am continually humbled and amazed by the simplistic yet forceful genius of those that i know who can't.
these, i claim are the brilliant.they are evil.and they are innocent, and they are ignorant.they do not suffer greatly of the age of madness.and they can rule this world.and, were it in my power,i would let them.
the intellectuals you might already be familiar with.they are the infantile jesus(es) and moses(es) and budda(s) of our generation.they can willingly oscillate between being intellectual and brilliant.and they are all psychotic.i, believe you me, should know.
these, i claim are the intellectual.they are evil.and they do not have the luxuary of ignorance, or innocence.they need to contend themselves with denial and ego.they suffer immensely intense depression and agony in each of their reigns of madness.and they need to rule the world, as much as vonneagut needs to be god.and, were it were in my power,i would let them.
the two seperately are but severely disturbed people.the brilliant don't show it and the intellectuals don't really care to hide it.but as a unified uninhibited entity are the cause of grand resonance and singularity.beautiful beautiful singularity.i eagerly await mine.
if only you knew what it meant.if only you knew what it felt like.
i wish we hadn't let our prophets go to waste.i wish i needn't feel the need to wish for anything at all.
i wish i had some chips.and some ice cream if i may be so bold.

b bhusan ver 1.0 myopic

humanity is so bound by culture, that it cannot see beyond what they are expected to or for that matter what they want seems they put so much into being the prototype socially acceptable being that they loose out upon their induviduality.they give it up -without so much as a second thought- so they may claim acceptance of those they neither care of or are cared now we have society feeding off our induviduality so that you and i may be put in catogeries, sent off for insignificant matters and claimed to be, "oh! so like-one-another."having forsaken ourselves, our characters to serve a 'greater good of society', we go ahead with the idea that the same should, no, must be promoted and strictly adheared run amock. so now we find people belonging to catogeries and classes of wealth judging you for you mere existance, for your insanities and you lack of willingness -and infact- endless exictment to serve the cruel world.
the worst of expressions that one may apply to another are not of hate, anger or wrath.the ugliest most horrid of emotions that scar another's being, is embaressment, pity and vain sympathy.the go beyond normal suffering, they imply upon the person's lack of understanding, their fake-sympathies and their ill behaviour.don't they see? don't they recognize the beastly behaviour they choose to exdhibit to their betters.a thing, one of the things, that seers dread is their lack of understanding of the brutes, their inability to conjure reason and logic for their actions.dreadful things they are. dreadful things they do. and so much for understanding it.
this probably fits this situation best: "sanity, leave me,leave me, leave me now."

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sacrifice?..grow up!!!

A friend of mine told me tat to achieve success it is neccessary to sacrifice something very dear to us.... In other words u cant have your cake and eat it too.
Why is this? Are we incapable of handling two of our desirable occupations with equal ease. Or is it written in the grand scheme of things that " Ye Man arnt meant to have but one thing u desire!"
Certainly not.... So what cld be the reason the all seeing eye shall not permit us in indulging as we desire...the whole point of sacrifice is worthless... sacrifice is an excuse for not been able to rise to the occasion or deal out enuf maintanance,hence losin out on the cheque....
let us simplify it though...why should it be termed a sacrifice if u r indeed giving it up for a more favourable or desirable objective, and thus ennobling it....wat u did was a calculated elimination of the leaner diet. So, basically it is a question of cushioning the conscience and sugarcoating your inability to pump out the goods at a consistent rate to two destinations....
So...there is no sacrifice, only an elimination of a target that is not feasible when compared to the primary target!!!

morphine for the mind

i have always considered myself to be a reasonable man....i am seldom emotional and my reactions are calculated ....always...even my passion and spontanity are products of intense delibration...this has been me for some time now.
I have obviously not been like this for all my life. There was a time when i was intriuged by life and its mystery...wondering and marvellin at its beauty...a beauty tat was as much a product of it unpredictable nature as my innocence. But somewhere along the line, it changed. all of sudden someone unknowingly spilled the beans, tat everything is controlled by some predefined parameter, a variable or a trigger. Everything can be planned and more importantly everyone can be. It is sad to think that freewill of people itself is a product of someone elses will.
That is when i began to realise how easy it is for one to be moved or around by strings, just a puppet in someone elses hand. A harmless toy in the hand of a pezzonovante. But a life as a toy is still entertaining, u get the feelin of being in control when u are actually actin out from one elses script. But once the truth dawns upon u, u are gripped by an unquenchable thirst to be in control of as many elements as u can, to play someone just to exercise and display to urself how to play god.
But its rammifications are even more depressing. like an unending loop or vicious circle. just as one wonders how each tot is preceded by a tot of havin a tot, u realise tat the primary tot the trigger lies not withus but somewhere outside us. This meanin tat every action is a stimulated one by an external if u can crack the tot process of a person, u can always manipulate and hold the strings. safe in ur ensconce but still controllin the environs...
This is theoretically suppose to enrich my life coz i havin realised this shd be able to control a majority of the elements....but it has depleted my life of all its passion, innocence and all the smaller joys in life begin to have lesser significance with each passing day. Havin openned the pandora's box i am stuck in the dilemma, wondering if i wish to be in someone elses control and pass the buck in exchange of smaller joys, or live the dream with no happiness... wat is worth more???

random thoughts of a listless mind

As the entire city makes yet another effort to seek peacewith itself and its environs iam stuck once more in an unsuccessful attempt to freeze time and undo the changes that time has inflicted upon my insignificant life.

As i embrace life in a vain attempt to live it to its fullest, my rival instincts fight them and unforgiving forces of nature like time and love. i bear witness to this oscillation of moods as the city joins me in pain with the droplets of rain crashing against my window almost in reflection of my innerself which is pounded by blood as i ponder on....
Is it worth carrying on???